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Are you looking for Naloxone Training for First Responders? Visit the ACT 139 Training for First Responders page to complete the training and earn your certificate. Law enforcement officers should login to PAVTN to complete the Naloxone training. 

Visit this link for a message from the Pennsylvania Chiefs of police about COVID-19.

General Support Requests

NEW Roll Call Course Available

Crime Gun Investigation and Firearms Recording

This short presentation is offered by the Pennsylvania Attorney General, Gun Violence Section (GVS). The module addresses the definition of “crime gun”, 18 Pa. C.S. § 6127, Firearms Tracing, and more.

Understanding Tourette Syndrome

Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder that may cause sudden unwanted and uncontrolled rapid and repeated movements or vocal sounds called tics. Watch this view to learn more about Tourette’s. 

Understanding Tourette Syndrome

2022 Control Tactics Makeup

Please visit the Use of Force and Control Tactics page on the MPOETC website for information on the 2022 Control Tactics Makeup course.

Now Available MPOETC 2024 Courses!

  • 24-201 Legal Update mandatory training worth 3 credit hours.
  • 24-301 Suicide by Cop an elective course worth 3 credit hours.
  • 24-601 Community Relationships a mandatory training worth 3 credit hours. 
  • 24-602 Law Enforcement Ethics  an elective course worth 3 credit hours. 

PAVTN transfers your completed MPOETC course credits to TACS.

NEW CLEE Course Available

Learn more about investigating Technology-Facilitated Abuse with our latest MPOETC CLEE approved course. Technology-Facilitated Abuse of an Intimate Partner

School Police Officers

Based on Act 67 of 2019, School Police Officers are required to complete annual in-service approved by MPOETC under Title 53, Chapter 21, Subchapter D (Act 120). Annual in-service requirements under Act 120 include 12 hours of approved classroom training, annual firearms qualification on all duty firearms, and current CPR/AED/First Aid certification. School Police Officers who need access to MPOETC classroom training should email their court appointment paperwork, including oath of office, and proof of current employment as a School Police Officer to [email protected] for approval.

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