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Dom V Thumb


There is no more challenging profession than police work. Protecting citizens, preserving the peace and putting their lives on the line are all in a day’s work. They deserve our full support. Integral to that support is training that is relevant, streamlined, and cost-effective. That gives officers more advanced skills, time and resources to fight crime. That’s what PAVTN.net provides. That’s our mission.


In this era, resources are severely limited at every level of government. By bringing law enforcement training online, multiple agencies can share curricula, develop classes that address critical needs, and update training quickly. Through the use of audio narration, video, and interactive scenarios, officers gain the critical knowledge to improve their skills, serve the public and advance their careers. This vision is taking shape today.

The evidence is clear. Online training is the way.

A December 2009 survey found that 94% of PCPA respondents support internet-based training to save time, money and improve mandatory law enforcement training. 


  • Safer Public
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Less time training
  • More engaged officers
  • Up to the minute information
  • Expanded curricula
  • Better training
  • Administrative efficiency
  • 24/7 online access
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